JCH, CZCH, Armína z Váhy


Sire: J River Fox Red Fire of Texmo

Dam: CZCH, WorkCH Absolut First Ida Garonera „U“

Height and weight: 45cm and 17kg

Dentititon: Correct bite, full dentition

Hip: A (Excellent)

Elbow: 0/0 (Excellent)

Patella: Normal

Eyes: ECVO 2022 clear

PRA: Clear

CEA: Clear

CLP: Clear by parentage

JADD: Clear by parentage

DM: Clear

DE: Clear by parentage


Shows: Excellent, CAJC, CAC, CACIB, BOJ, BOS, National winner, Czech junior shampion, Czech shampion

Hunting tests: OVVR, ZV 3. prize, ZVP 1. prize, PZ 1. prize res. CACT, CACT, ZPR 1. prize CACT

Hunting work: Work in pheasantry (Konopiště, Otice)

Tollingjaktprov: Unofficial NKL Czech republic 1. prize (judges choice), Unofficial OKL Czech republic 1. prize

Agility: MLA 3 excellent, Master of the Czech Republic in agility for the NSDTR breed 2022

How is she? Very hardworking, great will to please, very cuddly, kind and friendly, a little clown, energetic, a lot of endurance, is very soft to handle, hates drill and pressure, sometimes a little stubborn. How could we have lived without Armina before?



Zaječice 48

Pyšely, 251 67


Czech republic